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  • Mediocre vs Active Church Involvement

    I ask uncomfortable questions for a living. The funny thing is: I love it. It isn’t like I want people to squirm in their seats. But if asking a single uncomfortable question can help turn the lights on for someone to see clearly, I say that’s so worth it.  Uncomfortable Question: Do members of Christian… Continue reading

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Husband. Father. Most of all, Reformed Baptist Christian, saved by God’s free grace.

Theology. Books. Comics. Movies. Computers. Video Games. Sci-Fi. Remember friends, #GeekNotaNerd.

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  • All that is in God – by James Dolezal
  • Reformed Dogmatics, Vol 2 – by Herman Bavinck
  • All of Grace – by Charles Spurgeon
  • Dune – by Frank Herbert
  • Braving Britannia: The Tales of Life, Love, and Adventure in Ultima Online – by Wes Locher