• Some Yes, Some No

    Whenever I watch a movie for the second time – THAT’S how I know it was a worthwhile film, at least for me. Three movies and a book. Recommendations to watch, read or avoid are impending.  Presumably, you, the reader, are privy to my investigation into my Irish…ness. My journey so far has allowed me… Continue reading

  • Whataboutery

    “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” Parents say this to little children when they put an excessive amount of food on their plates. Let’s be real here: I am guilty of doing this, preeminently if chips and salsa are a part of the meal. Or better yet, if chips and Serrano’s bean dip are… Continue reading

  • Éire

    How well can you multitask? Be honest. Some of you might describe your ability as top shelf; it’s as though you have an uncanny ability to perform two actions at once. Your attention can be placed onto multiple objects at the same time, and you are miraculously dexterous. But for the multitaskers among us, would… Continue reading

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Husband. Father. Most of all, Reformed Baptist Christian, saved by God’s free grace.

Theology. Books. Comics. Movies. Computers. Video Games. Sci-Fi. Remember friends, #GeekNotaNerd.

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  • All that is in God – by James Dolezal
  • Reformed Dogmatics, Vol 2 – by Herman Bavinck
  • All of Grace – by Charles Spurgeon
  • Dune – by Frank Herbert
  • Braving Britannia: The Tales of Life, Love, and Adventure in Ultima Online – by Wes Locher